Facts about the Norwegian Register of Hunters

The Norwegian Register of Hunters was established in 1982 by the Directorate for Nature Management which was also responsible for operations. In March 1999 this operation was transferred from the Directorate located in Trondheim to the Brønnøysund Register Centre.

The tasks carried out by the Norwegian Register of Hunters at Brønnøysund primarily include registering hunters who have passed the hunting test and issuing the forms for hunting licence fees. Hunting license fee can be paid over the internet. You can also register for license hunting on our web site. These solutions are also applicable to foreign hunters registered in the Norwegian Register of Hunters.The information that is supplied to hunters, for example about game, hunting seasons, weapons and ammunition, is provided by the Directorate of Nature Management.

At 1 January 2015, 479 00 hunters were registered by the Norwegian Register of Hunter. 60 000 of these were women. 201 300 of the registered hunters paid the hunting licence fee last hunting year, and of these 2 200 were foreign-national hunters.

Today the Norwegian Register of Hunters is an independent register with its own telephone number, e-mail address, telefax and mailing address.