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Form and guide for a NUF

Last updated: 30 May 2024.

All new registrations of NUF must be reported on paper form.

1 Submitter/person liable for the fee
2 The notification concerns
3 Registration in Norway
3.1 Registration in the Register of Business Enterprises
3.2 Has turnover that falls under the provisions of the Act relating to the Value Added Tax Register
3.3 Employees – registration in NAV AA-register
4 Business name in the country of origin
5 Head office address in the country of origin (business address/visiting address)
6 Postal address in country of origin
7 Formation of the organisation
8 The organisation's articles of association in force
9 Capital in a limited company
10 The type of organisation in the country of origin
11 Registration in the country of origin
12 Ownership
13 Business operations
14 Owner, board, partners and other information in the country of origin
15 Other remarks/information from the country of origin
16 Business name in Norway
17 Address in Norway
18 Postal address in Norway
19 Norwegian representative
20 General manager, contact person or business manager
21 Activity
22 Signature rights
23 Procuration
24 Auditor
25 Accountant
26 Board in Norway
27 Other remarks
28 Notification addresses
29 Signatures