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Marriage settlement

Last updated: 4 December 2023.

In our guide you can see how to proceed to register a marriage settlement.

Where do I find the marriage settlement form?
We need assistance filling in the form, what can we do?
What can we do when one or both do not have a Norwegian national identity number?
What is my customer number?
We want to register the marriage settlement, where do we send the form?
We have written incorrect condominium unit number, cadastral unit number or property unit number on a property in the marriage settlement, what do we do?
What is imposed separate property?
The marriage settlement has been refused registered due to incorrect national identity number, what do we do?
Does it cost anything to register a marriage settlement?
What can we do when we do not want to register the marriage settlement after all?
Do we need a will in addition to a marriage settlement for inheritance?
Is the marriage settlement valid in other countries?
How long is the case processing time?
We are divorced, why has not the marriage settlement been cancelled?
How do we change or terminate the marriage settlement?
We do not want to have separate property any more, can we delete the marriage settlement?
How can I find out if someone has registered a marriage settlement?
How do I know the contents of the marriage settlement?