Opting out of telephone sales and addressed advertising

Last updated: 27 June 2018 .

You can opt out of telephone sales and direct addressed marketing by post.

Everyone who sends out marketing aimed at private individuals as customers, is obliged to update their lists against the Central Marketing Exclusion Register at least every month.

However, you will still be able to receive marketing from market participants with which you have an existing customer relationship, such as bank, insurance company, book club etc. You may be removed from such lists if you request this. If so, you have to contact each company in order to have your name and address removed.

The scheme appplies to private individuals

Operating businesses and other legal persons, such as sole proprietorships, cannot choose to opt out.

Unaddressed advertising

If you want to opt out of addressed advertising, please contact Posten Norge AS. You will also find more information on the website of the Consumer Authority.


Frequently asked questions about the Central Marketing Exclusion Register

Have I opted out of telephone sales?

By logging on to the Central Marketing Exclusion Register on this site, you can check whether you have opted out of telephone sales or not, and which telephone numbers you have registered.

Do I have to update my removal?

No, that is not necessary. Once you have opted out, there is no need to update this. You are removed until you decide to change this information.

I have opted out, but I still receive inquiries. What can I do?

Market participants with which you have an active customer relationship, such as a bank, an insurance company, a book club etc. are still allowed to contact you. Market researchers are also allowed to contact you.

If someone contacts you, and this is in conflict with your removal, please contact the Consumer Authority to complain about the marketing.

Why do I receive telephones in connection with market researches, even though I have opted out?

Even though you have opted out of telephone sale and marketing from voluntary organisations, you will still receive inquiries from market researchers, since this is not regarded as direct marketing. You may contact the business doing market researches and request to be removed from their local address register.

Can I opt out of advertising from political parties?

No, you cannot opt out of this in the Central Marketing Exclusion Register. The right to opt out applies only to advertising that is an attempt to sell something or ask for financial support. For more information about laws and regulations regarding this, please see the website of the Consumer Authority.