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Liens on person

Last updated: 6 September 2021.

We provide you with an overview showing the liens that are registered here on you.

In our webshop, you can order a certificate of mortgage on your national identity number, showing any liens that are registered on you, except for information about nothing for distraint (no assets to take an interest in) and distraint deduction (deduction in salaries or benefits). Below you will find information about liens that can be registered here on an individual.

Security interest in motor vehicle

When there is a security interest registered in a motor vehicle, for example, the bank has taken security in the car for the loan they have given to the buyer. To find out if there is a registered security interest, you can search on liens in motor vehicles.

Leasing agreement

When you enter into a leasing agreement on a car, it means that you make an agreement on long-term rental of the car. Because leasing is more similar to a purchase through a security interest or a credit purchase than a lease, the same rules apply for leasing as for security interests.

Attachment charge

Attachment charge is a security for a monetary claim that is established by the enforcement authorities. It is a security for a monetary claim where the plaintiff may apply for disbursement in the assets of the defendant. If there are no assets available to levy distraint on, this may result in distraint deduction (deductions in salaries or benefits) or nothing for distraint.

Nothing for distraint and distraint deduction

Nothing for distraint means that there are no assets to mortgage.

If you do not settle a monetary claim voluntarily, the execution and enforcement commissioner may order an employer or NAV to deduct a fixed sum from your salary or benefits (distraint deduction). This is done to ensure and realize the claim.

The information about nothing for distraint and distraint deduction will not be included in a certificate of mortgage. It can only be given to the person in question, lawyers, financial institutions, debt collection agencies, credit rating agencies and public authorities with duty of confidentiality.

If you wish to find out whether there is registered distraint deduction or nothing for distraint on yourself, you can log on to My page. Other actors allowed to see this information must order this by phone.

Please read more about fees and how to order a confirmation of distraint deduction and nothing for distraint.


Seizure is a temporary guarantee, and will ensure a future settlement of a monetary claim not yet due for payment. The seizure means that the debtor loses the right to dispose of the seized property, for example by sale or pledging. Seizure can be taken in any asset which can be levied attachment charge on.

See information from the police regarding seizure.

Debt settlement

We register the opening of debt settlement proceedings. This will be closed down when a debt settlement is registered or the debt settlement proceeding period has expired without an agreed voluntary or compulsory debt settlement. Information on opening of debt settlement proceedings and debt settlement is stated in the certificate of mortgage, but the content of the debt settlement agreement is excluded from the public.


Private individuals may be placed under voluntary or compulsory guardianship. We register resolutions about

  • temporary removal of legal capacity
  • judgement on the removal of legal capacity

We also register future authorisations that have been put into effect by the State Administrator. Resolutions about removal of legal capacity are also registered for an owner or a liable partner in an enterprise.


In cases of abandonment, the bankruptcy estate releases assets that are without value, to the debtor. The trustee makes sure that the abandonment is registered with us.

Private seizure ban

When a private seizure ban has been registered, a creditor cannot seize a person’s specific assets by distraint, debt proceedings, bankruptcy or public distribution of an insolvent estate. Private seizure bans can be agreed upon in a will or a deed of gift. The contributor may decide that the seizure ban also will ensure the beneficiary’s heirs.

Liens on business operations

Personal business operators can, for example, pledge inventory, operating equipment and agricultural chattels.