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Guide to Coordinated register notification (paper form)

Last updated: 22 March 2024.

1. Business name
2 Type of notification
3 Registration in other registers
4 Head office address (business address/visiting address)
5 Postal address
6 The sub-entity's location address
7 Submitter/chargeable
8 Type of organisation
9a Launch or takeover of a sub-entity.
9b Transfer or closure of a sub-entity
10a Takeover of a sub-entity from
10b Transfer of a sub-entity
11 Activity/branch
12 General manager, owner, business manager or other contact person
13 Requested language variant
14 Articles of association/Partnership agreement
15 Capital in limited companies, public limited companies, limited partnerships, foundations and others
16. Decision to reduce the capital
17 Merger
18 Demerger
19 Board, partners etc.
20 Signature right
21 Power of procuration
22 Auditor
23 Accountant
24 Name and address etc. for the business in Norway
25. Group/enterprise group
26 Other remarks
27 Notification addresses
28 Signatures