Register alternative therapists

Last updated: 9 October 2018 .

Alternative therapists can register in the Voluntary Register of Complementary Practitioners.

The registration is voluntary and applies to all types of treatment covered by the Act relating to the alternative treatment of disease. Only practitioners of an approved practitioner organisation can be registered in this registry. The Norwegian Directorate of Health is responsible for the approval of the various practitioner organisations.

Register as alternative therapist

You can use our form to register as alternative therapist.

Download the paper form in Norwegian (pdf)

Please remember to submit the following with the registration form:

  • Confirmation showing that you have valid liability insurance for any damages that may occur to the patient under treatment. You must state the validity period of the insurance.
  • Signed membership certificate from your practitioner organisation showing that you are a member of an organisation approved by the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

If you are employed in a business, you must attach

  • confirmation of employment conditions, such as a copy of an employment contract

Remember to obtain information from your practitioner organisation that you meet the professional requirements for the title and the mode of treatment you wish to be registered with.

Frequently asked questions about registration of alternative treatment

What does it cost to register?

You need to pay a registration fee and an annual fee.

Here you will find a fee overview.

How do I register myself?

In order for you to register, you need to submit the application form found on this page. You must also enclose all the documentation listed in the attachment list. This can be found at the top of the form.

Can I register via email?

Since you must enter your national identity number or d-number, we recommend that you submit the information by post.

Why have I received a letter to submit insurance documentation?

Liability insurance is renewed annually and you as a practitioner are primarily responsible for ensuring that we have updated information. We will therefore send you a reminder before the deadline of renewing.

If your practitioner organisation takes care of this, it is not necessary for you to submit this documentation.

If we do not receive proof of liability insurance for the current period, you will be struck off the register.

I have received a letter about removal from the register, what can I do?

You have not paid an annual fee

If you have just received a letter about this, we can send you an invoice for annual fee. If you pay within 14 days from receiving the removal letter, we can reinstate you in the registry.

You have not sent us proof of insurance

We can reinstate you in the register if you submit documentation of valid liability insurance within 14 days from receiving the removal letter. The insurance documentation must contain the validity period.

You have closed down your sole proprietorship and established a limited company

We will reinstate you in the register if you within 14 days from receiving the removal letter, submit information that indicates the change of your organisation form.

You have changed the practitioner organisation

We can reinstate you in the register if you submit information about the change of the organisation as well as title and treatment mode. In addition you need to enclose new membership certificate and insurance documentation. The time limit is 14 days after receiving the removing letter.

The time limit for reinstatement in the register has expired, what can I do?

You must submit a new application about registration and you need to pay the registration fee.

What does a reinstatement cost?

A reinstatement within 14 days is free of charge.

How long is the processing time?

The processing time is normally 1 to 3 working days.

Can I get VAT exemption?

Please contact the Tax Office to get help with questions related to VAT.

Where do I send the registration form?

Please send the form to

The Brønnøysund Register Centre
The Voluntary Register of Complementary Practitioners
P.O. Box 95