Starting up a business? Watch out for fraud!

Last updated: 19 March 2018 .

When you start a business, you might be contacted by someone who does not have good intentions. For that reason you should take advantage of the transparency in our registers. If someone invites you to cooperate or wants to sell you something, we urge you at least to find their registered information in the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities. Before committing to anything, you should do a more thorough check.

It happens from time to time that persistent salespersons pretend to represent the Brønnøysund Register Centre, and offer services for money in our name. They often do this as soon as the registration of your company has been approved, and before you have received any notification from us. Some might ask for your national identity number and credit card number, and you might therefore be at risk of serious fraud.

We can assure you that the Brønnøysund Register Centre will never contact you to offer any service for money, and we will never ask for your credit card information. If you have any doubts as to whether we contacted you, please call us on telephone number 75 00 75 00 before you take any action.


Do you want to learn more about safety?

Whoever meets persistent salespersons today, might be exposed to invoice fraud, identity theft or any other criminal activity. You can find advice on how to guard yourself from this with the Norwegian Centre for Information Security and the Norwegian Business and Security Council.

Good luck with your business! Most people wish you well.


Your registered information will be available

It is optional to register e-mail address and telephone number in the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities. Be aware of the fact that the contact information will be available to everyone, and might be used within marketing and advertisement.

An important reason for the registration in the Brønnøysund Register Centre is for society to have an overview of everyone involved in business and trade. When you start a new business you will need supporters and service providers. Some of them will contact you once you are registered, normally at the benefit of both parties.

Note that you are welcome to call our business information service, on telephone number 800 33 840 (free of charge if you call from a landline within Norway)