Last updated: 22 December 2017 .

D-number is a number which can be assigned to foreign people who do not have a Norwegian national ID number (fødselsnummer), but need it in order to identify himself/herself to Norwegian authorities. A d-number can only be requested by people who are staying less than six months in Norway.

We may request d-numbers from the Population Register only when the request is related to registration in one of our registers.

Due to requirements for identification papers etc. in order to be assigned a d-number, the application must be sent on paper. The application must be sent together with the registration documents for the register in question, for example Coordinated register notification.  In addition to the application you need to enclose a certified copy of valid proof of identity, for example a passport which is stamped and signed by the one who made the copy. The copy must show an original signature and stamp or else it will not be approved. In other words, we can not accept a copy of the stamp or the signature.


Who can certify a copy?

A copy may be certified by

  • a Norwegian public authority
  • a Nordic police authority
  • a Norwegian lawyer
  • a Norwegian state authorised or registered auditor
  • a Norwegian authorised accountant
  • a Nordic embassy
  • a foreign entity with notary powers
What does the identification paper have to contain?

Identification paper must contain

  • name
  • date of birth
  • photo
  • gender
  • nationality
  • date of expiry

Normally a passport or a national identity card will contain the required information as mentioned above.

It is important that the machine readable strip at the bottom of the ID-card shows on the copy of the passport.

The back of the ID-card usually contains a machine readable strip. A certified copy of the back of the card must also be enclosed.

The main rule is that the identification document must be issued by a public authority.