Roles in the association or club

Last updated: 21 November 2018 .

In an association you have to register a contact person. This can either be a general manager, a contact person or a business manager.

The registration of a general manager, an accountant, an auditor, signature right and/or the power of procuration, is optional. We do not register the association’s group of members. It will be up to the association to keep a list of members.

The board

If the association has a board, you have to notify us about which persons constitute the board.

Electing board members

The board of the association is normally elected in an annual meeting, and consists of the persons which are going to lead the association between two annual meetings. Normally the articles of association will show how many board members the association is going to have, and which tasks and responsibilities the board should have.

Associations involved in business activity

An association which is obliged to register in The Register of Business Enterprises, must have a board consisting of at least one member. The board must have a leader. The board members must confirm taking on the assignment as a board member.


The association can choose to have an accountant.

Registering an accountant

If the association uses an authorized accountant,  the accountant must be registered in The Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities. If the association changes accountant, a notification must be sent to The Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities.

The accountant must confirm taking on the assignment by signing the coordinated register notification.


If the association has an auditor, this must be registered.

The association is obliged to have an auditor if it has

  • 20 or more employees
  • Assets of NOK 20 million or more
  • Operating income for the entire activity of NOK 5 million or more

We only register auditors or auditing companies which are registered in The Register of Statutory Auditors.

The auditor must confirm taking on the assignment.

Contact person, general manager or business manager

An association must have a contact person, a general manager or a business manager.


Signature is an authority to act and sign on behalf of the association in most situations. Signature right provides the right to apply for a loan and to buy or sell property on behalf of the association.

If nothing else has been decided in the articles of association, it is the board jointly which has the right to sign on behalf of the association. The board can assign the signature right to specific board members or others with roles in the association. If several persons have the right to sign, you have to specify whether the right is for the persons separately or jointly.

Power of procuration

Power of procuration is an authority to act and sign on behalf of the association in most activity connected to the daily operations. Power of procuration will not give the right to mortgage or sell the real estate of the association. A person who has been allocated the power of procuration is called a business agent.

An association can choose to give power of procuration to one or several persons. If there are several persons with the power of procuration, it is possible to give them this right separately or jointly.

A person with the power of procuration cannot transfer/delegate this right to anyone else.