Closing down an association

Last updated: 26 July 2017 .

An association can be closed down if

  • a majority of the members agree on a dissolution or deletion
  • it seizes to exist as a result of declining activity over a period of time
  • all the members except one, have resigned
  • significant changes are made to the articles of association, resulting in the unit appearing to be a new entity
  • it is divided into smaller entities or merged with other entities

You can close down your association by sending the form Coordinated register notification.

You have to attach:

  • documentation showing that the association has seized to exist, or that a dissolution has been decided. This is normally minutes from the extraordinary annual meeting, where the members have decided to close down the activity.

If the association is registered in The Register of Business Enterprises, you have to attach:

  • minutes from the annual meeting showing that the decision has been made to close down the association.