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Last updated: 9 March 2018 .

Would you like to work in an exciting workplace with many job opportunities and varied tasks? Welcome!

Ansatte ved Brønnøysundregistrene

Detailed information:

Who are we looking for?

To personer ved bord

We are looking for people to work on good order, simplification and digitalisation of services that benefit the authorities, business and the general population. Digital solutions are important for the work of simplification. We need various competences for this, such as:

  • Digital administration/simplification
  • Law
  • IT system development/operation/security/testing
  • Management and project management
  • Communication
We offer

We offer you a job in a challenging professional environment, including contributing to the simplification work that will benefit all of Norway. You can contribute your expertise in many exciting and developing working tasks and become part of a friendly professional team.

We are an inclusive workplace organisation and we are known for having clear and orderly working conditions. As an employer we work for our employees’ health and safety.

If, as a new employee, you need to find a home in the area, we can help with this.

We organise special programmes for new employees.

Favourable working hours

We offer flexible working hours with god opportunities for time off in lieu. We have summer working hours (08.00 – 15.00) from 15 May to 14 September.


As an employee of the Brønnøysund Register Centre, you can apply for a grant if you wish to increase your competence in your free time.

How do I apply?

When you apply, it is important to tell us something about yourself, why you want to work for us and what your motivation is for the position. It is also important to enclose relevant certificates and references with your application.

Published list of applicants

We publish a list of applicants. This gives information about the name, gender, municipality of residence and age of all applicant for the position. There are very strict requirements for exemption from this list. If you do not wish your name to appear on the list, put a cross in the box and give the reason when you apply. If we are unable to grant your request, you will be bale to withdraw from the process. We do not send the public list of applicants to anyone, but the media and public have the right to see it on request.

Extended list of applicants

All applicants have the right to request to see the extended list of applicants. This contains information about the name, age, education and experience of all applicants for the position. It is not possible to be exempted from appearing on this list. The extended list of applicants is only available to applicants for the position.

Register your CV

You can upload your CV to our CV database. We use this database to search for candidates for certain types of vacant positions. If your education and experience is of interest for a vacant position, we will contact you and encourage you to apply. Even if we contact you, it is up to you to apply for positions that interest you.

When you have registered your CV, you can also subscribe to job announcements. You will then be advised of vacant positions by e-mail.

See us on stand

We participate in career and recruitment days at educational institutions all over the country. If you want to find out more about our workplace, job opportunities, our technical and professional challenges and what we can offer, come and talk to us.

In 2017, you can meet us in these places:

13 September in Tromsø, Helgelandstreff organised by Vivilheim, at Hotel Radisson SAS

14 September in Tromsø, careers day at the university

28 September in Trondheim, technology students career day, NTNU, Technology Building at Kalvskinnet

Good schemes for employees

Pension and insurance schemes

All employees are members of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund , with all the associated agreements and benefits of membership. This is one of the best pension schemes in Norway and two per cent of gross pay will be deducted as the mandatory premium.

You are also insured through the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund’s group life and occupational injury insurance. This means that as an employee you are insured if you suffer an occupational injury or contract an occupational illness. Your next of kin will also be paid a lump sum if you die.

Loan opportunities

Membership of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund also gives you access to one of the best mortgages on the market. You can also apply for a short-term loan from the Brønnøysund Register Centre if you should need it.

Exercise room/sauna

There is an exercise room and sauna in our premises in Brønnøysund which you can use free of charge.

Welfare committee/company sports association

We have an active welfare committee which organises various activities during the year, either in working hours or in leisure time, such as a grill lunch in summer, a Christmas party and special arrangements for new employees.

To personer ved grill

Grill lunch organised by the welfare comittee

The company sports association has various activities, including indoor bandy and football.


The Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities’ relay team in the Brustafetten.

Live in Brønnøysund

Brønnøysund is a pleasant coastal town in central Norway, in the south of the beautiful region of Helgeland. There are some wonderful natural experiences close at hand, in the country, in the mountains and among the countless islands. The town has good communications with a good range of flights, including daily direct connections with Oslo and Trondheim.

Jente i kajakk. Foto:

The islands and skerries of South Helgeland offer rich opportunies for recreation. Photo:

If you have children, good kindergartens and schools are important. The municipality of Brønnøy is a good place to grow up in safe surroundings. The Municipality of Brønnøy has good kindergarten coverage, which you can read more about on the municipality’s website.

Other benefits of living and working in Brønnøy: