Last updated: 23 October 2018 .

The information in our registers is frequently used as a source by the Norwegian media. Most of the information is publicly accessible.

Our registers contain large amounts of data, which is the foundation for statistics, among other things. We have a wide variety of statistics ready to be downloaded.

We have three data sets that are available under Open data. You can do single searches, compound searches or download entire data sets.

Do you need our help or support?

To find out how to obtain the information, we recommend contacting our user service on telephone number + 47 75 00 75 00.

If you need any comments or statements, contact our press telephone +47 400 200 75 (no SMS text service) or send an email to

Press contacts

Main Press Contact
Frode Nordfjellmark
Director of the Communication Staff
Mette Siri Brønmo