Payment remarks

Last updated: 4 December 2018 .

If you want an overview of your payment remarks, please contact a credit rating agency. We only record some types of remarks.

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority has a list of credit rating agencies that can provide you with a complete overview of your payment remarks.

What remarks do we register?

We register, among other things, debt settlement, bankruptcy, security interest in distraint, deduction in salary and nothing for distraint. Debt settlement, bankruptcy and security interest in distraint is public information, and this is shown on a certificate of mortgage that you can order from us.

Deductions in salary or benefits and information about nothing for distraint is not public information. You can order an overview of what is registered on yourself by calling us. We will send this to your postal address registered in the National Registry.

Liens on person

A lien is not necessarily a payment remark. We register different types of liens on private individuals.

If you want to cancel a lien there are different ways of doing this depending on which type of lien we are talking about.