Are you going to lend money for the purchase of a car?

Last updated: 4 December 2018 .

If you are loaning money to someone in order to help this person buy a car, it will be a security for you and also more clear to all parties if you register a lien in the car.

When you give a private loan to a friend or a relative who is buying a car, you may register a lien in the motor vehicle. It is only possible to register a lien in the car at the time of the purchase.

A security for you who lend money and readily understood for others

When you as a lender take a lien in the motor vehicle, you will be entitled to, for example, claim that the car must be sold to cover the loan in case you do not get paid. A lien appears as an attachment on the vehicle if someone checks the registration number with us. This will be useful information for others.

How do you register a lien?

Fill in and send us the form Lien in a motor vehicle. For private individuals, it is not possible to submit electronically. If the form consists of several pages, the buyer of the car must sign on all the pages and the signature must be original.

After the registration, the form and the certificate of mortgage will be sent to the submitter. The invoice will be sent in retrospect.

Remember that you must select either option A or B

Select option A  when you as the seller of your car wish to have a lien in the motor vehicle until you get the settlement. This is most relevant when you have agreed on delayed payment for the vehicle.

Select option B when you are neither the buyer nor the seller, but a third party who will lend money for a car sale and therefore wish a lien in the car.