Marriage agreements

Last updated: 14 May 2018 .

Information about marriage agreements. How to register, order a copy of a marriage agreement and more

The Register of Marriage Settlements - What is a marriage agreement?

The Register of Marriage Settlements
The Register of Marriage Settlements contains agreements between spouses regulating their assets differently than what automatically follows marriage. If, for example, spouses wish to make a marital regime of separation of property, they must establish a marriage settlement. If the marriage settlement is to confer protection against any creditors, it must be registered in the Register of Marriage Settlements. The same provisions apply to registered partners. The information from the Register of Marriage Settlements is available to the general public.

The Register of Marriage Settlements contains registered marriage settlements from 1928 up to the present. A total of 120,000 marriage settlements registered prior to 1981 have been registered in a manual index file, while registrations after 1981 can be searched in a database.

How do I register a marriage agreement ?

There are three versions of the form, all in Norwegian. Please apply for a D-number if you are foreign and do not have one, then include the request for a D-number with the marriage agreement form.  Follow this link and choose one of the ‘Ektepakt’ forms to complete and send it to us for registering

Signature and Witnesses
The spouses must both sign the marriage settlement simultaneously, with two witnesses present. The witnesses sign last. The witnesses must be of legal age, they must be accepted by both spouses, and they must understand that a marriage is being conducted.

Once everyone has signed, the marriage agreement is valid. That means it now provides the framework for the financial settlement between the spouses and between them and potential heirs.

To obtain legal protection from creditors, the marriage agreement is sent for registering in the Register of Marriage Settlements in Brønnøysund.

What does it cost to register a marriage agreement?

It costs NOK 1516,- to register a marriage agreement

Is property involved ?

A marriage settlement involving property transfer from one spouse to the other, must, in order to aquire full legal protection, also be registered in the Norwegian Land Registry. The parties must arrange for registration with the Norwegian Land Registry and Cadastre at the Norwegian Mapping Autority.

Order a copy of a marriage agreement

The copy costs  NOK 181,- 

To obtain a copy of a marriage settlement it is sufficient to submit the name, date of birth and address of one of the spouses. For electronic searches in the database of marriage settlements it is helpful to also provide the national identity number of one of the spouses. Please provide us with full invoice information. Order by writing to:

Postboks 905
8910 Brønnøysund

or call us at +47 75 00 75 00