Registration of a sole proprietorship

A sole proprietorship must be registered in the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities to receive an organisation number.

You are obliged to register in the Register of Business Enterprises if you operate resale of purchased goods, have more than five employees, are pledging your inventory or make payment services.

Registration in the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities is free of charge.
Registration in the Register of Business Enterprises is charged with a fee.

In general you have to be of age (18 years) in order to start a sole proprietorship. You do not have to be a resident of Norway, but your business must have an address in Norway.

Required attachments

When registering a sole proprietorship, you do not primarily have to attach documents.


Name of the business

The name of the sole proprietorship must include the owner’s surname (family name). It is the surname from the National Registry that has to be used.

If you do not state your surname as part of your business name, we will add your full name in the registration process.

You may read more about the choice of name and what considerations you need to take on the page How do I choose a name for my company?

Minor's engagement as owners

The owner must in general be of age (18 years) to be self-employed and to register a sole proprietorship. The exception is if

  • you have turned 15 years of age and
  • your guardian gives you permission, and
  • the County Governor gives his/her consent

Inheritance of a self-employed business

If a business is transferred by inheritance to a minor, the guardian can with the consent from the County Governor run the business on behalf of the minor.

Required attachments

  • copy of a letter from the guardian which shows his/her permission
  • copy of consent from the County Governor
Description of the business

You must provide as accurately as possible the acitivity of the business. It is not sufficient to state a general description. Therefore you must state what may be produced/ sold or what services/activities will be carried out.

Here are some examples of how detailed the description must be:

  • Agriculture: Growing of cereals. Raising of dairy cattle
  • Transport: Freight transport by road. Taxi operation.
  • Trade: Retail trade with groceries. Online shop with sports equipment.
  • Industry: Production of musical instruments. Manufacture of furniture. Manufacture of gold and silverware.
  • Building and construction: Groundwork, Plumbing. Painting work.
  • Advisory activities: Business consultancy. Technical advisory service in the oil sector. Advisory service in engineering and construction. Architectural activities in construction.

If you operate activities in multiple branches, you must specify each of them according to the size of the turnover or employment.

The business description forms the basis for the enterprise’s industrial code. Here you can read more about industrial codes.