Registration of a sole proprietorship

Last updated: 24 July 2017 .

When you are the owner of a sole proprietorship, you are financially liable for all the business’ liabilities and obligations.

The owner must in general be of age (18 years) to establish a sole proprietorship. You do not have to be a resident of Norway, but your business must have an address in Norway.


Required attachments

When registering a sole proprietorship, you do not primarily have to attach documents.

Registration of auditor and accountant – required attachments

If you want to register an accountant or an auditor and they have not signed the form, you have to attach their declarations of acceptance.

Name of the business

The name of the sole proprietorship must include the owner’s surname (family name). It is the surname from the National Population Register that has to be used.

If you do not state your surname as part of your business name, we will add it in the registration process.

If you change your surname at the National Population Register, for instance if you are getting married, you have to report change of business name to us. You can change your business name by submitting the form Coordinated register notification. The change is free of charge.

Minor's engagement as owners

The owner must in general be of age (18 years) to be self-employed and to register a sole proprietorship. The exception is if

  • you have turned 15 years of age and
  • your guardian gives you permission, and
  • the County Governor gives his/her consent

Inheritance of a self-employed business

If a business is transferred by inheritance to a minor, the guardian can with the consent from the County Governor run the business on behalf of the minor.

Required attachments

  • copy of a letter from the guardian which shows his/her permission
  • copy of consent from the County Governor