Share capital

Last updated: 29 March 2017.

The founders have to pay the share capital in a limited company.

The share capital must be minimum NOK 30,000.00. The expenses of formation can be covered by the share capital.

The share capital contributions must be confirmed before the company can be registered in The Register of Business Enterprises

If the share capital contribution is going to be settled solely in cash, the confirmation may be given by a bank.

If the entire or parts of the share capital contribution is going to be settled by non-cash assets instead of cash, it is the auditor who has to confirm the payment.

You do not have any personal liability for the company’s obligations

In principle the shareholders of a limited company can only lose the share contributions each has made to the company. The creditors can only file claims against the company. That is why the Norwegian Limited Liability Companies Act contains several provisions limiting the shareholders’ right to withdraw funds from the company.