Register a limited company

Last updated: 2 August 2016.

A limited company must be registered in The Register of Business Enterprises

The deadline for registration is three months from the date of the signing of the memorandum of association. To register your company you need to fill in and submit a form called coordinated register notification (Samordnet registermelding).

Required attachments

When you are going to register a limited company you need to submit several documents.

Documents that always have to be enclosed when you register a company are

  • memorandum of association including articles of association
  • declaration from the auditor or a financial institution confirming that the capital has been paid up

Non-cash contributions(other assets than cash) – you have to enclose

  • opening balance which is signed by the founders and confirmed by an auditor
  • a report with information about the contribution which is signed by the founders and confirmed by an auditor

Please remember declarations of acceptance for persons with roles in the company

Board members need to confirm the fact that they have taken on the assignment. If the company is going to have an auditor and/or an accountant, you have to enclose declarations of acceptance for them as well.

Separate declarations must be made and signed, but for the board members and the accountant it is sufficient to sign the form coordinated register notification in Altinn.

In some cases the following attachments have to be enclosed

  • minutes from the board meeting which shows a desicion to waive the audits.
  • provisions for special rights, pursuant to The Private Limited Liability Companies Act § 2-4
  • an agreement regarding formation expenses pursuant to The Private Limited Liability Companies Act § 2-5
  • authorization/license from the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway, if the company is having banking or insurance activities as their line of business.