How to report changes in a limited company

Last updated: 20 July 2018 .

If you would like to change the information that is registered on your company, you need to submit the form Coordinated register notification.

How do I report a new address?

You can change the address by submitting the form coordinated register notification.

New business address

The business address for a limited company has to be a Norwegian street address or name of place.

If you change the address to another municipality, the articles of association have to be changed as well. This type of change has to be approved by the general meeting.

When you change the address to a new municipality, you have to enclose

  • updated articles of association
  • minutes from the general meeting

New postal address

You are not required to report a separate postal address. If you would like your mail sent to a different address than the business address, you can report it as postal address.

How do I report a new board?

When your company has elected new board members, you need to report it in the form coordinated register notification.

The board has to be elected by the general meeting.

You have to enclose

  • minutes from the general meeting showing the decision
How do I report a new general manager?

When the company hires a general manager, you must report this in the Coordinated register notification.

There are usually no requirements for attachments

The exception is if you as a general manager submits a notification and you do not have roles in the board. Then you must attach

  • minutes from the board showing the employment
How do I report waive of audit?

If you are waiving audit for a company which already has a registered public auditor, you need to enclose

  • minutes from the general meeting

You will find more information under Useful links to your right on this webpage.

How do I report a new business name?

You register a new business name by submitting the form Coordinated register notification. The general meeting decides the business name. The name change also requires a change of the articles of association.

You have to attach

  • the minutes from the general meeting
  • updated articles of association

On the page How do I choose a name for my company? you can read more about the choice of names and what considerations you need to take.

How do I resign my role in the company?

All role holders can report their own resignation. When you resign, you waive all rights and obligations belonging to your role. You can notify us about your resignation through the form Coordinated register notification. Once the resignation has been registered, both the limited company and you will be notified of this.