How to register changes in a limited company

Last updated: 19 February 2016.

If you would like to change the information that is registered on your company, you can do that by submitting the form coordinated register notification.

How do I register a new address?

You can change the address by submitting the form coordinated register notification.

New business address

The business address for a limited company has to be a Norwegian street address or name of place.

If you change the address to another municipality, the articles of association have to be changed as well. This type of change has to be approved by the general meeting.

When you change the address to a new municipality, you have to enclose

  • updated articles of association
  • minutes from the general meeting

New postal address

You do not have to report a separate postal address. If you would like your mail sent to another address than the business address, you can report it as postal address.

How do I register a new board?

When your company has elected new board members, you need to report it in the form coordinated register notification.

The board has to be elected by the general meeting.

You have to enclose

  • minutes from the general meeting showing the decision
  • declarations of acceptance from the newly elected members of the board

If the board members sign the form coordinated register notification, you do not have to enclose separate declarations of acceptance.

How do I register the fact that we are not going to have an auditor?

If you are waiving audit for a company which already has a registered public auditor, you need to enclose

  • minutes from the general meeting
  • minutes from the board meeting

The general meeting must give an authorization to the board to waive the audit of annual accounts. Then the board of directors can decide to waive the audit according to the authorization.

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