Coordinated register notification

Last updated: 17 December 2018 .

When you need to send notifications to the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities, the Register of Business Enterprises and the Register of Non-Profit Organizations, you fill in and submit the form Coordinated register notification.

For instance, if you register a new limited company, an association or a sole proprietorship, this is the service you have to use. The same applies if you need to change the information regarding address, board members, name or telephone number on behalf of a registered entity or a company.

This is a fully electronic service, which means that attachments must be uploaded electronically, and everyone who needs to sign have to do so in Altinn.

Using Altinn gives certain advantages

  • It is sufficient for one person to sign the electronic form.
  • The response will be available in Altinn two hours after the case processing is done.
  • Some of the simpler changes will be registered automatically, without any case processing.
  • For most of the registrations/changes in the Register of Business Enterprises where there is a cost, the fee will be lower if the notification is sent through Altinn.

Frequently asked questions

How do I register roles (general manager, board etc.)?

Fill in the national identity number (11 digits) and surname. Choose the correct role and press Legg til.

It is important that you write the surname precisely the way it is registered in the National Registry. For persons with several surnames (for instance Smith Jones) only the last name must be filled in. If the names are connected with a hyphen (for instance Smith-Jones), you have to fill in both names.

What kind of attachments can I upload?

The solution will accept most types of formats for text processing, spreadsheet and graphics. For the solution to be able to handle attachments in PDF (Portable Document Format), the document has to be saved without any limitations/security settings. Check the qualities of the document and make sure that the document is not protected.

Note that the size of the file you upload must not exceed 10 MB. If you have several files/attachments, the total size must not exceed 20 MB.

How do I sign the notification and attachments?

The form Coordinated register notification is an online service where filling, uploading of file attachments and signing is to be done in Altinn. You can only use the solution if all attachments can be uploaded as files, and that those who sign the notification can do it in Altinn. The person entitled to sign the notification depends on organisation types and what the notification applies.

Who should sign?

The notification must always be signed by at least one person. The signatory must be one of the notifiables that may be

  • general manager
  • member of the board
  • owner
  • business manager
  • signature rights
  • contact person
  • Norwegian representative

The notification can also be signed by a person who has been granted the right to sign on behalf of the entity. In an notification concerning registration in the Register of Business Enterprises where a board has been reported, all new board members must sign.

Private individuals

When the signatory is a person, the signature assignment for the form Coordinated register notification, will be sent to the person’s inbox in Altinn.

Legal persons (entities and businesses)

When the signatory is a legal person, such as an accountant or an auditor, the signature assignment for the form Coordinated register notification, will be sent to the entity’s inbox in Altinn.
The signature can then be done by persons with the role «Access Management» in Altinn. This role is automatically given to persons registered in the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities with the role

  • general manager
  • the chair of the board
  • owner
  • official receiver

If you have one of these roles, you can delegate the right «Signer of the Coordinated register notification» to other persons.

How can I send an attachment later?

There might be situations where you will be asked to send additional documentation while the notification is under processing

If so, you will receive a message in your inbox in Altinn, containing information about what is missing. This message will contain a link to the original form, enabling you to upload and send new attachments.

After you have pressed the link Send inn mer dokumentasjon, you will be directed to the status page. Press the button Last opp vedlegg, and this will open the page where you upload new attachments. After you have uploaded the attachments, you press the button Gå videre til innsending.

If there is no need for an electronic signature connected to these attachments, you will be directed straight to the page where you submit the attachment. Then you press the button Send inn. If you have uploaded attachments which require a signature, you send the attachments for signing. The attachments will be submitted to the Brønnøysund Register Centre once they are signed in Altinn.

How do I check the status of the notification?

Only the person filling out the form will be able to check the status of it

Log on to Altinn. Messages which you have received in connection to the sending and processing of the form Coordinated register notification, will be placed under For processing by me in My message box in Altinn. As soon as you send the notification for signing, the link will direct you to a page showing the status of the signing and the processing of the form.

How can I give the right to sign an electronic form to someone else?

The right to sign can be assigned by the general manager, the chair of the board or the owner

In the first page, Hva skal meldes?, you can assign the right to sign an electronic form to other persons, for instance employees, the accountant and/or the auditor. When a person has been assigned this right, the person will be able to sign the electronic form on behalf of the entity or the company in question.

If the entity does not have a chair of the board or a general manager, the contact person, the business manager or the Norwegian representative will be able to assign the right.

Who can/cannot use this service?

Information that cannot be reported electronically

The following information cannot be reported in the online solution:

  • information about group or enterprise groups
  • statement about credit and other financial assistance for the acquisition of shares in public limited companies
  • merger and demerger of foundations

If you are going to report such information, you must use paper form.

The following organisation types cannot be reported in the online solution:

  • European Company
  • European Economic Enterprise Group
  • County municipal business enterprise
  • Mutual insurance company
  • Inter-municipal company
  • Municipal business enterprise
  • Pension Fund
  • Savings bank
  • Public corporation
  • Other business enterprise in accordance with special legislation such as health enterprises and student welfare organisation

The following organisation types can report changes and closures in the online solution:

  • Norwegian-registered foreign business enterprise
  • Company with limited liability
  • Bankruptcy estate, closure can only be reported on bankruptcy estates created before 1 March 2008

You can also send information to other government agencies

Through the service Coordinated register notification, you will also be able to send information to the Value Added Tax Register, the NAV State Register of Employers and Employees, the Business Register of Statistics Norway, the Register of Foundation and the Corporate Taxation Data Register.