Penalties for late filing

Last updated: 4 January 2019 .

The late filing penalty will accrue for a maximum of 26 weeks and is then NOK 59,800. The amount of the late filing penalty is dependent on the court fee. The court fee is for the time being NOK 1,150.

The late filing penalty is estimated like this

  • One court fee per week, the first eight weeks
  • Two times the court fee per week, the next ten weeks
  • Three times the court fee per week, the last eight weeks

The calculation of the late filing penalty starts the day after the due date for annual accounts.

As soon as a new week has started, another week of late filing penalty will be added.

Bildet viser hvor mye forsinkelsesgebyret kan komme opp i.

You can prevent the late filing penalty from accumulating for 26 weeks by

  • submitting complete annual report and accounts to the Register of Company Accounts
  • liquidating the company in the Register of Business Enterprises/the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities
  • present a bankruptcy petition for the company