Frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding annual accounts

I cannot find the feedback in Altinn, what can I do?

You have to install the latest version of Adobe Reader.

My annual accounts have not been approved, how do I submit it once more?

You can use the function Create a new copy in Altinn. You will find the form in question under “Archived” in “Inbox”.

Change the information which must be corrected, if any, and add/delete attachments and submit once more.

If the accounts are sent through an accounting programme, any new submittal should be done through this programme.

Who needs to sign the accounts and the report?

Pursuant to the law all board members or participants and the general manager, if any, have to sign. The Register of Company Accounts will still approve it without the signatures, because the requirements are met through the electronic signature in Altinn.

Can I cancel submitted accounts which contain errors?

No, you have to submit a new version of the accounts.

I will not be able to pay the invoice from the National Collection Agency, what can I do?

Contact the National Collection Agency and they will be able to grant a deferment or sort out a repayment schedule.

I am no longer a member of the board, what can I do?

You can withdraw from your role through the form Coordinated register notification in Altinn.

You have to attach a copy of a letter addressed to the company, where you inform the company of your withdrawal.

What are notes, and what should they contain?

Notes are supplementary information to the accounts.

In chapter 7 in the Accounting Act you will find information about what the notes should contain. There must be information about the number of employees, mandatory occupational pension, related party transactions, loans and payments to leading persons and the auditor’s fee. Private limited companies must in addition provide information about the number of shares, shareowners and its own shares.