New registry platform

Last updated: 20 April 2018 .

One of our primary objects is to provide financial security, order and transparency for society by means of reliable information.

Now 17 different registers, operating in 14 different systems, are going to be gathered into one common platform.

The most important reason for creating a new registry platform is to replace outdated technology and solutions before they are no longer operative. The oldest technology in use here today dates back to 1992. The new platform will be an important cornerstone for digital communication between industry, citizens and authorities.

We are now laying the groundwork for more automated case processing, with as much as possible of the feedback being automated as well. The solution must be able to handle approximately 240 different sets of rules, from general legislation such as the Freedom of Information Act to more specialized legislation such as the regulations regarding grass root allotment.

The work on renewing the system includes all support systems and other functionality belonging to the various registers, such as customer registration, the system for handling orders, subscription services, searching and statistics.

A more modern architecture and platform for case processing will also make it easier to achieve 100 per cent digital reception of information to the registers and 100 per cent digital availability from the registers.

For more information about our new registry platform, look here.