Information management

Last updated: 20 April 2018 .

It is the intention that users should not have to report the same information more than once when contacting public administration.

This means that authorities should share and reuse information which the user has already reported to public administration, instead of asking for the same information once more.

It is essential to have strict requirements in order to make sure that the right person gains access to correct information. Publicly available information has to be correct; it has to be protected and always available. At the same time it is a demanding job to keep track of which information is available at all times. This is all about information management.

The establishment of a national data directory is also important in relation to this. The data directory will provide an overview of public administration’s data. In addition, it will contain common term descriptions for data and services administered by the various enterprises.

A list of content, access and use makes it easier to provide others with the possibility of working with innovation based on public data sources.

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