Last updated: 19 December 2018 .

Altinn is a driving force for the digitalisation of the public sector in Norway.

Altinn started as an alternative reporting (in Norwegian ALTernativ INNrapportering) channel for economic and financial data. Today Altinn is a platform, an organisation and a collaboration.

The Altinn platform is a digital infrastructure that maintains the digital communication of both private individuals and business with the public sector. The services are available to users in the portal, together with general information about starting and running a company.

Altinn is organised as a separate entity within the Brønnøysund Register Centre. It assists the public sector through the use of the Altinn platform for simplification and streamlining. The organisation is responsible for the operation, maintenance and further development of the Altinn platform. We also administer agreements with service owners and suppliers.

The Altinn collaboration consists of all the organisations that are service owners in Altinn, at present more than 50 different organisations in the central and local government sector. The collaboration is intended to coordinate these organisations’ needs for digitalisation and to realise the benefits from the Altinn investment. This is formally regulated in the agreements between the administrative organisation and the individual service owners.

Altinn has been specially developed to facilitate the coordination of digital services right across the administration, so that users have a simpler and faster dialogue with the public sector.