Overview of the organization

The Brønnøysund Register Centre has 560 employees, of which most of them work in Brønnøysund. We have offices in Narvik and Oslo as well.

The Brønnøysund Register Centre consists of five departments and two staff sections.

Director General
Lars Peder BrekkLars Peder Brekk is educated within finance and has widespread knowledge from public sector and industry. He has had an extensive career as an executive within industry and commerce and as a politician. He was a cabinet minister in the Bondevik government (2000) and the Stoltenberg government (2008-2012), among others. The Director General has superior responsibility for the activity of the government agency. He is to ensure proper governance where economy, priorities, performance measures and reporting obligations are run by the steering documents from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. The Director General represents the government agency in the collaboration forum for public digitalisation (Skate) and he is the head of Altinn styringsråd.
Director General
Lars Peder Brekk
Phone: +47 75 00 50 90
Cellphone: +47 902 96 060
Email: lars.brekk@brreg.no
Director General's staff
Geir JacobsenThe Director General’s Staff supports both the Director General and the senior management.
Staff manager:
Deputy Director General
Geir Jacobsen
Phone: +47 75 00 50 51
Cellphone: +47 992 10 226
Email: geir.jacobsen@brreg.no
Communication staff
Mette Siri BrønmoThe Communication staff consists of eight advisers in charge of managing and coordinating the strategic communication from the Brønnøysund Register Centre. The staff's primary task is to take care of the needs of the top management in respect to internal and external communication. This applies to communication with employees, owners, authorities, partners, service owners and others possible stakeholders. The communication staff also takes care of all inquiries from the media, and coordinates other types of inquiries regarding the Brønnøysund Register Centre.
Mette Siri Brønmo
Director of the Communication Staff
Cellphone: +47 416 55 224
Email: mette.bronmo@brreg.no
For the press: +47 400 200 75
Support Functions
Jan Tore NilsenThe department consists of financial and managerial staff and four sections: Human Resources- and organizational Section, ICT section, Administration- and office support services and Security- and construction section.
The department contributes to The Brønnøysund Register Centre reaching its goals, acting in accordance with laws and agreements, facilitating The Brønnøysund Register Centre’s attractiveness as an employer and providing leaders and employees necessary support in their everyday working environment. The department is focused on good management and efficient resource utilization.
Director: Jan Tore Nilsen
Director of Support Functions
Contact information:
Email: jan.nilsen@brreg.no
Phone: +47 75 00 77 09
Cellphone: +47 990 40 298
Innovation and Development
Kjell-Arne Strøm HansenThe department consists of the sections Systems Development 1, Systems Development 2, Support and Innovation and Method and Service Management. The department has the responsibility to determine the framework, develop and administer the computer systems within the area of registry and simplification. It is also responsible for support functions such as project management and portfolio management, quality, architecture and testing for the entire establishment. The department coordinates and functions as a driving force for the use of data, services and qualifications for new, external services, in cooperation with private business sector. The department is therefore in charge of areas which are relevant for the Brønnøysund Register Centre's contribution to the digitalization of Norway.
Acting Director: Kjell-Arne Strøm Hansen
Director of Innovation and Developement
Phone: +47 75 00 60 69
Cellphone: +47 913 42 580
Email: kjell-arne.hansen@brreg.no
Cathrine HoltenThe department consists of five sections: Business Development, Platform Development, Management and Service Realization, Economy and Communal Services and Information Management. The department manages the technical solution Altinn on behalf of the Altinn collaboration. The department manages and develops cooperation and agreements with 43 service providers and multiple vendors. The department determines further development of the technical Altinn solution and maintains a focused effort to achieve a sophisticated and efficient digitised Norway. In addition, the department is responsible for the area of information management, which will contribute to efficiency improvement and coordination of the use of data in Norway, and contribute to the need for less reporting.
Cathrine Holten
Director of Digitalisation
Phone: +47 75 00 75 00
Cellphone: +47 958 93 431
Email: cathrine.holten@brreg.no
Simplification and Communication
Are TrælvikThe department consists of three sections: User Service, Digital Dialogue and Simplification. The Department plays a central role in efforts to simplify the BR and the public sector of Norway, guiding users to find, understand and accomplish, in addition to contributing to interaction and dialogue between industry, non-profit organizations, inhabitants and government agencies.
Director: Are Trælvik
Director of Simplification and Communication
Phone: +47 75 00 79 25
Cellphone: +47 481 31 383
Email: are.traelvik@brreg.no
Register Management
Lise Dahl KarlsenThe department consists of the sections Official Registration and Accounts, Business Sector, Basic Data and Support and Registry Development. It is in charge of and has the responsibility for administering 14 registers altogether, of which the national component the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities, the Register of Business Enterprises, the Register of Mortgaged Moveable Property, the Register of Bankruptcies and the Register of Company Accounts are the largest registers. Register Management contributes to increased economic security, order and transparency for society through reliable register information, and works with determination to ensure quality, coordination and simplification for all users.
Director Lise Dahl Karlsen
Director of Register Management
Contact information:
Email: lise.karlsen@brreg.no
Phone: +47 75 00 76 27
Cellphone: +47 480 09 827