The Register of Company Accounts

The Register of Company Accounts is the most important data source for persons wishing to obtain information on the financial state of affairs for Norwegian business and industry. Pursuant to the Act relating to Company Accounts, all limited companies and public limited companies, savings banks, mutual insurance companies and petroleum enterprises are obliged to submit their annual accounts, including the auditor's report, to the Register of Company Accounts.

Annual accounts must be submitted to the Register of Company Accounts within one month after being adopted by the annual general meeting, at the latest by 1 August. If the annual accounts are submitted too late, the company will have to pay a default fine. If the annual accounts have not been submitted within six months after the deadline has expired, the Bankruptcy Court may enforce dissolution of the company.

The Act relating to Company Accounts determines the requirements for the content of the annual accounts and report. Checking the content is the responsibility of the board. The Register of Company Accounts shall only check that all the necessary documentation has been attached, and that the annual accounts have been adopted by the company's annual general meeting.

The Register of Company Accounts stores the annual accounts and reports for ten years and makes them available beyond this period. Accounts information is a matter of public interest and must be in the public domain. Annual accounts and reports may be ordered from the Brønnøysund Register Centre or may be downloaded using the automatic self-service Brønnøysund telefax.

The most active users of the Register of Company Accounts are business journalists. The register is also an important aid for financial institutions and others wishing to obtain information about a potential contract partner. The Register of Company Accounts provides essential source material for business and industry policy analyses undertaken by researchers and students.